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    Want to give or volunteer?



    Jesus People and Cornerstone Community Outreach are non-profit organizations.

    While we are able to use limited funds from both of these organizations we still need more to operate, especially the Hannah House Rooftop Hope Garden. We want to teach the residents about growing their own food, gardening for stress relief and self-care, and the possibility of training for green jobs. For that, we need your support.

    Your contribution would go toward giving each of the participating families buckets of their own to cultivate and take with them when they are housed. We would also like to give plants to each of CCO’s residents who have found housing.

    Please check out our GoFundMe and consider giving so we can:

    • impart basic gardening skills to help manage stress and grant access to green space
    • teach the medicinal properties of herbs to create homeopathic teas, salves, etc.
    • give each family their own small plot to take care of for a sense of ownership
    • provide workshops on local environment and ways they can start small to care for the earth

    Want to give your time? Volunteer with us!

    Materials we always need:

    GROWNEER 24 Packs Peat Pots Seed Starter Trays  $12.99 

    Pail w/ Comfy Grip Handle, Red (12 Pack)   $42.99

    Bee Friendly Wildflower Seed Mix   $7.97

    Home Depot Gift Cards


    Can be sent to:

    Uptown Garden Collective

    920 W. Wilson Ave.

    Chicago, IL 60640

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    We believe that we are called to steward creation through permaculture*, responsible land management, sustainability efforts, and conservation of all living things.

    Some of the ways we do this:

    • Composting food scraps from the Jesus People kitchen and used coffee grounds from Everybody’s Coffee
    • Making our own soil from mulch, compost, and castings from red wrigglers and mealworms
    • Recycling waste and building materials
    • Saving seeds when the plants mature
    • Growing pollinator-friendly plants and native grasses, restoring native habitats for preserving biodiversity
    • Maintaining a 4-star Energy Star certification for our Jesus People building
    • Cultivating a small rural property in Monee, Illinois through hugelkultur and other types of planting



    *From Permaculture magazine:

    “What is Permaculture?

    1. Permaculture is an innovative framework for creating sustainable ways of living.
    2. It is a practical method of developing ecologically harmonious, efficient and productive systems that can be used by anyone, anywhere.

    By thinking carefully about the way we use our resources – food, energy, shelter and other material and non-material needs – it is possible to get much more out of life by using less. We can be more productive for less effort, reaping benefits for our environment and ourselves, for now, and for generations to come.”